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When it comes to your hair transplant, prioritising the highest quality results and care should be your main focus. We have some advice to help you choose the best hair transplant treatment and clinic for your needs.

Which hair transplant treatment is best for me?

By age 50, more than 85 percent of men experience thinning hair, and over 50 percent of women will also face noticeable hair loss in their lifetime.

There are various types of hair transplant surgeries available to help regrow lost hair. The most common techniques in the past have been follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE).

However here at Hair Transplants of The Royal Liver Building, we exclusively use DHI. Direct Hair Implantation (DHI for short) is a modified version of the FUE technique developed by DHI Global Medical Group. Unlike FUE, DHI uses a pen-shaped tool that can both extract hair follicles and implant them at the same time.

During your DHI transplant, the surgeon will remove hair follicles from a donor area, usually the back of your head, and implant them into areas with hair loss. Over time, these follicles will grow new hair.

Here’s what you can generally expect during the procedure:

• A surgeon will apply local anaesthesia to numb the area.
• Using a tool with a fine tip, the surgeon will extract hair follicles from the donor area.
• Hair follicles will be loaded into a pen-shaped tool and implanted into the balding area of your scalp.
• The surgeon will apply antibiotic cream and bandage all sites.
• DHI surgeries typically take around 8 hours to complete, but the exact duration may vary depending on the number of hair follicles being transplanted. It may take 12 to 18 months to see the full results of the surgery.

Best hair transplant clinic in the UK for 2024

Choosing the right clinic for your hair transplant can seem overwhelming. However, here are some tips to guide you in your selection:

Surgeon specialisation: Look for surgeons who specialise in hair transplant procedures, specifically the type of transplant you’re seeking. Hair Transplants of The Royal Liver Building specialises in DHI, an advanced version of the technique.
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Experience and qualifications: Seek a surgeon with years of experience and who has perfected their techniques. Check their qualifications and memberships in relevant professional societies.

Approach and techniques: Pay attention to the techniques and equipment used by the clinic. Look for clinics focused on achieving natural-looking results.

Before and after photos: Review before and after photos from different surgeons to assess the quality of their results. Make sure the results appear natural. At Hair Transplants of The Royal Liver Building, our surgeons excel at providing natural-looking, densely packed hair by implanting grafts in the same direction as your natural hair growth.

Client reviews: Reading reviews from previous clients can give you an idea of what to expect from a specific surgeon and clinic. Check the clinic’s website, as well as platforms like Trustpilot and Google Reviews.

Service and care: Evaluate the clinic’s attention to service, care, and aftercare through their website and reviews.

CQC registration: Ensure that the clinic is CQC (Care Quality Commission) qualified. Hair Transplants of The Royal Liver Building is fully CQC qualified.

Hair Transplants of The Royal Liver Building offering Best Hair Transplants UK

At Hair Transplants of The Royal Liver Building, we take pride in offering highly qualified Hair Transplant Specialists renowned worldwide for their high-quality procedures. Our surgeons have extensive experience and expertise, delivering natural-looking, densely packed results with minimal scarring. We prioritise the highest quality care and aftercare for our clients. Our dedicated patient coordinators provide support throughout the entire journey and are available to answer any questions.

Treatment Result

Best Hair Transplant UK

If you’re searching for the best hair transplant in UK, there are numerous clinics to consider. However, we strongly advise using the criteria mentioned above. At Hair Transplants of The Royal Liver Building, we are proud to offer our perfected DHI technique performed by world-class hair transplant surgeons such as Dr Waqas Nazir.

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To book a consultation with one of our top hair transplant surgeons in the UK, please call 0151 203 0020 or fill out our online hair transplant contact form. We also offer consultations with knowledgeable patient advisers who can provide helpful information before scheduling a surgeon consultation.
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